Teletalk Regular Internet Package 2021 – [Updated]

Teletalk Regular Internet Package

Teletalk Regular Internet Package: As far we know that in our country (mainly city area) Teletalk subscriber’s using Teletalk SIM for browsing the internet. Though it has launched 4G internet service has not good network coverage over the country. In spite of that limitations, subscribers may enjoy their internet package.

Teletalk Regular Internet Package 2021

We covered several posts of Teletalk SIM-wise packages. But today we are covering up Teletalk regular internet package. This package will enjoy all Teletalk users. Have a look at a glance and choose your best one.

Teletalk Internet Offer 2021 – 3 Days Packages

There have various internet offers. Here you find only 3 days offer to enjoy a tension-free of internet browsing.

Data VolumeValidityActivation CodeRecharge
60 MB3 Days*111*501#Tk. 9
3 GB3 Days*111*33#Tk. 33

Teletalk Data Offer – 7 Days Package

250 MB at 24 tk
Validity: 7 Days
Recharge: 24 tk
Activation Code: *111*503#

Teletalk Internet Offer – 10 Days Packages

Data VolumeValidityActivation CodeRecharge
500 MB10 Days *111*513#Tk. 39
2.5 GB10 Days*111*511#Tk. 78
5 GB10 Days*111*119#Tk. 119
10 GB10 Days*111*187#Tk. 187

Teletalk Data Offer – 15 Days Packages

Data VolumeValidityActivation CodeRecharge
1.5 GB15 Days*111*521#Tk. 112
2 GB15 Days*111*522#Tk. 167

Teletalk Internet Offer – Monthly Packages

Here we discuss Teletalk monthly data packages. This table will help you to get any offer. If you want to get any data offer, then you need to recharge the exact amount of Tk or dial the activation code. After you get your desired data package, tension-free for 1 month or 30 days.

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30 GB at 344 tk (1 GB per day)
Validity: 30 Days
Recharge: 344 tk
Activation Code: *111*344#

Data VolumeRechargeValidityActivation Code
100 MBTk.95 Days*111*501#
500 MBTk.2630 Days*111*503#
1.5 GBTk.397 Days*111*513#
3.5 GBTk.7810 Days*111*511#
3 GBTk.13930 Days*111*531#
5 GBTk.20130 Days*111*532#
10 GBTk.30130 Days*111*550#
20 GBTk.49830 Days*111*552#
30 GBTk.64930 Days*111*553#
45 GBTk.84930 Days*111*554#

Terms And Conditions:

  • The Price is including VAT, TAX, SC.
  • You can avail your desired data pack through any of the following methods:
    • Recharge exactly the given amount.
    • Dial the USSD for activation code.

Final Words: This all about the Teletalk Monthly internet offer. We had covered other internet packages such as Sagotom, Agami, Projonmo, Bornomala, Oporajita Offers you may check those out.

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