Robi SMS Bundle Packages & Offers – (1500, 1000, 800, 500, 400)

Hey Robi Subscribers! Are you looking forward to knowing about Robi SMS Bundle Package?

Yes! Today I will break down all SMS packages in one post. Read carefully.

There are several Robi SMS Packages and Offers that you can use at any local operator in Bangladesh. Sometimes you want to communicate with someone through the mobile SMS but you could be known that it is costly.

For that reason, Robi has brought some awesome SMS bundle packages for you. Let’s see the details about it.

Robi SMS Bundle Package – (1500, 1000, 800, 500, 400) SMS Pack Offer

SMS BundleValidityTakaActivation Code
1500 SMS30 Days20 Taka*123*2*7*3#
1000 SMS
30 Days18.26 Taka*123*2*2*2#
800 SMS2 Days12.18 Taka*123*6*5*7#
500 SMS30 Days10 Taka*123*2*7*2#
500 SMS
30 Days12.18 Taka*123*2*2*1#
400 SMS1 Day12.18 Taka*123*6*5*6#
200 SMS3 Days10 Taka*123*6*5*6#

How Can You Get Robi SMS Pack?

Yes! you can easily get any amount of SMS from Robi SMS Bundle Pack. You need to dial the activation code with sufficient balance.

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To get Robi 1500 SMS, dial: *123*2*7*3#, Robi 1000 SMS, dial: *123*2*2*2#, Robi 800 SMS, dial: *123*6*5*7#, Robi 500 SMS, dial: *123*2*7*2#, Robi 200 SMS, Dial: *123*6*5*6#.

Best Robi SMS Bundle Pack – 1500 SMS & 500 SMS Offers

To be honest, if I can enjoy any SMS pack from the above list, then definitely I will purchase 1500 SMS packs for 20 taka or 500 SMS packs for 10 Taka. Because of its validity.

Both packages have 30 days’ validity which I can use for a month. So you can consider these two packages.

Terms & Conditions

  • This price is included VAT, TAX and SD.
  • For Checking SMS balance, dial *222*12#
  • All SMS can use any local operator.
  • After Robi SMS bundle pack is over, then subscribers can buy again and enjoy those SMS bundle offer.

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