The Best 101 Happiness Affirmations That Can Make You Happier

Dalai Lama once said, “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own action.” Yes, this statement clearly showed us – it relies on our way of thinking and the way of taking action based on any situation of our life.

What is Happiness in Our Life?

Basically, happiness is a state of mind. You can’t find that – it leans within you. Most of us don’t understand – we linked happiness with career, job, money and wealth. But in a sense, happiness depends on your relationship with yourself and others.

If you have all the materials things like a big house, a luxury car, fancy clothes and an attractive spouse – these will vanish someday. You can’t feel the connection if your happiness comes from all those things. All those things are really important to live or you can maintain your lifestyle by using and consuming those. But remember one thing, the relationship is more important than all.

You should keep your relations good and healthy with others. Your parents, family, relatives, friends, co-workers, or even your boss. Your social life can affect your mental health. When you keep a good balance of life, then you may feel you are the happiest person on this planet.

What Are the Stages of Happiness?

The Japanese people follow the IKIGAI concept. It means the reason for being. They believed everyone has a purpose to come into this world. If you find the purpose of your life, then you can follow this concept IKIGAI.

There are 4 components of IKIGAI. These are.

  1. Something that you love.
  2. Something that the world needs.
  3. Something that pays you well.
  4. Something that you are good at.

When you find all four components from yourself, you must figure out something amazing. You can find your purpose, pleasure, profession and progress.

Why Happiness is So Important?

For well-being, happiness is so important to humans. The pursuit of happiness is the basic character of human nature. Everyone wants to be happy in their life. Happiness is the feeling of your situation where you live right now.

Does it depend on How much you progress in your life? Your entire life’s experience, whether it is bad or good – focuses on your progress. When you feel the progress is not the level of standard over the period, you feel down. Maybe your relationship went worst. You feel unhappy in a moment. Your action becomes worse than before. Why? because your social life doesn’t work out.

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However, your situation is! The most important matter is – you are the one who can fix all the things which went wrong. When you fix all unhealthy relationships with others, then you feel and hold in a state of satisfaction.

If you look at the World Happiness Report 2020, then you must see that Finland and Denmark is the highest-ranked the happiest country on that list. Why? Are they richer? Are they wealthy? Not at all. The people of these two countries focus on two things mostly. One is – good balance life like a healthy relationship with friends and family members. Another is – the satisfaction of one’s life is going. The satisfaction comes from 6 factors.

  1. GDP per capita.
  2. Healthy life expectancy.
  3. Freedom to make life choices.
  4. Social Support.
  5. Generosity.
  6. Absence of corruption.

Can We Cultivate Our Own Happiness?

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” Your state of thinking process can help you make a healthy and happy life.

Harvard study on Adult Development, the longest (75 years) study on happiness, revealed their study’s insight that is – “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.”

The big lessons from that study.

  1. Social connections are really important for us.
  2. Quality of close relationships; matters.
  3. A strong relationship with our health and mind for well-being.

Earlier in this post, I discuss the IKIGAI concept – the finding process of your life purpose. When you choose the right path to go forward in your life, then your positive and powerful thinking pattern can help you achieve your life goals. You can help with some tools like meditation and affirmations in daily life for reaching your peak performance.

How Can Affirmations Change Your Mind for Happiness?

Affirmation is the statement of your thinking, action, and feeling. You may deal with lots of people in daily life. It starts with your home to the workplace. And the affirmations can help you change and create your mind a sense of happiness.

Before affirmations, you should follow some steps. I want to share something amazing with you that you can follow.

  1. Write on a piece of paper your all negative feelings and emotions that are created for a day.
  2. Burn that paper. And feel those negative emotions fade away with the smoke.
  3. Tune calm and peaceful piano music on your smartphone.
  4. Apart from all distractions like notifications and alarms.
  5. Seat down or lay on the bed comfortably.
  6. Close your eyes and feel the present moment.
  7. Read and feel your happiness affirmations.
  8. Repeating your affirmations or statements for happiness.
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Best Affirmations for Happiness

Stop fretting about your current situation and start finding the positive and empowering things in life. These affirmations for happiness, success & self-esteem are hilarious you will want to share them with everyone! You can start here to affirm yourself!

1# Life is good.

2# Life is beautiful.

3# My life is joyous.

4# I am grateful for my life.

5# I have an attitude of gratitude

6# Love is all around me.

7# I have everything I need at this moment.

8# My life is filled with peace and many blessings.

9# I am thankful my life is filled with so much joy.

10# I give thanks each day for the abundant blessings that come my way.

Positive Affirmations for Happiness

Happiness affirmation can make you happier – if only you will use it. All the more reason to check out these brilliant and powerful affirmations – read full of positive things that should put a smile on your face!

11# I am happy.

12# I am free.

13# I build my own future.

14# I create my own space for satisfaction.

15# I create my own happiness in my life.

16# I thank my higher source for all I have.

17# The more I am grateful the more that flows towards me.

18# I feel wonderful today.

19# I enjoy every single day.

20# I have peace of mind; I am happy with my family friends or on my own.

Morning Affirmations for Happiness

Morning Affirmations will help you reprogram your mind to become a trusted source for positive thoughts and energy, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of every ritual you do from now on. Affirmations are simply empowering statements that match our deepest beliefs as well as the 7 Universal Laws of Human Behavior (which come straight out of popular psychology books) in order to change negative thoughts into positive ones. When we attach them to events or situations, it creates momentum!

21# Happiness is an attitude.

22# My goal is happiness.

23# I make myself happy.

24# I live in the present.

25# The past is gone.

26# I keep closing the wonderful memories of the past.

27# I learn from my mistakes.

28# I am happy now; I believe in myself.

29# I am a better person each day.

30# I am here now are the best days to live.

“I AM” Affirmations for Happiness

31# I am strength; I am strong.

32# I am wealthy; I am rich.

33# I am confident; I am successful.

34# I am energetic; I am powerful.

35# I am open to receiving.

36# I am abundant; I am blessed.

37# I am motivated; I am dedicated.

38# I am fearless; I am taking action today.

39# I am powerful; I am persistent.

40# I am balanced; I am positive.

41# I am peaceful; I am free.

42# I am open; I am wise.

43# I am relaxed; I am calm.

44# I am in command of my life.

45# I am loving my life.

46# I am connected to all.

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Daily Affirmations for Happiness

Short 10-minute daily affirmations that are designed to make you feel great about yourself and your life. Want more energy? Fierce Focus? Reduce stress? Find Your Peak Performace State in Less Than a Minute These affirmations can help you a lot.

46# The future is mine.

47# my future is bright.

48# I make my own decisions

49# I have all gone for me

50# I am grateful for my life.

51# I am so grateful to be alive.

52# I welcome miracles into my life.

53# The universe supports me in every possible way.

54# I am on a wonderful journey of positive change.

55# As I say yes to life and life says yes to me.

Be Happy & Positive Affirmations

56# I believe in myself.

57# I am taking bold steps.

58# I am moving forward with confidence.

59# I am achieving my goals.

60# I am motivated; I am driven.

61# I am a born leader.

62# I am successful, I am energetic.

63# I am disciplined.

64# I am focused I am in the present.

65# I am love I am joyous I am happy.

66# I am valuable; I am rich; I am abundance.

Affirmations for Peace & Happiness

Affirmations are a proven method for achieving peace, love and harmony. It is really amazing how affirmations can help you create more positive experiences in your life at home, work or love relationship.

67# I am prosperous.

68# I am in sync with life.

69# I am in harmony with nature.

70# I trust the process of life.

71# I am divinely guided I am powerful.

72# My day begins and ends with gratitude.

73# Whatever I need to know is revealed to me at exactly the right time.

74# Everyone I encounter offers a lesson that I can learn from.

75# I surround myself with wonderful people.

76# I am healthy, whole and complete.

Powerful Affirmations for Happiness and Success

77# I adapt easily to change.

78# I choose to be at peace.

79# I am thankful for all the love in my life.

80# I see examples of abundance everywhere.

81# I see kindness and generosity everywhere around me.

82# I trust my intuition and listen to that still small voice within.

83# I attract healthy relationships.

84# I forgive myself for not being perfect.

85# I honor Who I am I love and approve of myself.

86# I am kind to myself and others.

Affirmations for Manifesting Happy & Healthy Life

87# I am the master of my own thoughts.

88# I am courageous, I am wise.

89# I am enough, I am fulfilled.

90# I am a millionaire; I am expansive.

91# I am healthy & strong.

92# I am living a glorious life.

93# I am positive & powerful.

94# I am happy with who I am.

95# I am optimistic, hopeful & confident.

96# I am in sync with the infinite intelligence of the universe.

97# I move through my days with joy and with ease.

98# Loving others is easy when I love and accept myself.

99# I dare to live my dreams my life gets better all the time.

100# Happiness is my divine right, and I claim it now.

Final Thoughts

Take back control over your emotions. Solve problems effectively with an empowering thought pattern that works like magic. You talk, share, exchange a huge number of thoughts. Maybe sometimes your mind went gloomy, sad or feeling bad for anything. It’s so normal to our human nature. We all have faced often the same situation. By repeating these affirmations can make you healthier and happier.

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