Grameenphone Minutes Offer 2020 – Updated

GP Minute Package

Hello guys, Today we are covering about Grameenphone minute offer for you. There are a variety of GP offers. We think you are in stuck selection by searching many times which package is most useful.

GP Minute Offer 2020 – Updated

In this post, you will look up all minute packages. And It will help you to select your best package of GP minute offer.

Voice CallCostValidityActivation
10 Minutes6 Tk6 Hours*121*4024#
21 Minutes14 Tk16 Hours*121*4001#
37 Minutes24 Tk1 Day*121*4002#
67 Minutes44 Tk4 Days*121*4003#
77 Mins + 50 SMS53 Tk7 Days*121*4004#
90 Minutes59 Tk7 Days*121*4205#
120 Minutes78 Tk7 Days*121*4026#
160 Minutes99 Tk7 Days*121*4006#
190 Minutes117 Tk10 Days*121*4007#
310 Minutes199 Tk30 Days*121*4018#
350 Minutes233 Tk15 Days*121*4008#
480 Minutes298 Tk30 Days*121*5074#

GP Minutes Call Offer – 2020

10 Minutes (GP-Any local operator)
Cost: 6 TK (Including VAT, TAX)
Validity: 6 hours
To Buy dial *121*4024#

This is a mini pack of GP minute offer. Sometimes you need a small number of voice calls, and this pack will greatly fit for your situation.

You can enjoy 10 minutes voice call at 6 taka (any local operator). Its validity 6 hours from your purchasing time. To avail this mini pack, you need to dial simply: *121*4024#

GP 21 Minutes (GP-Any local operator)
14 TK
Validity: 16 hours
To Buy dial *121*4001#

GP has another great mini-pack of minutes offer which is 20 minutes voice call for any local operator.

You need cost 14 tk to get this package, and its validity 16 hours long from your purchasing time. To avail this package, you need to dial: *121*4001#

GP 37 Minutes (GP-Any local operator)
24 TK
Validity: 24 hours
To Buy dial *121*4002#

GP 67 Minutes (GP-Any local operator)
44 TK
Validity: 4 Days
To Buy dial *121*4003#

GP 77 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) & 50 Any net SMS
53 TK
Validity: 7 days
To Buy dial *121*4004#

GP 90 Minutes (GP-Any local operator)
59 TK
Validity: 7 days
To Buy dial *121*4205#

GP 120 Minutes Offer (GP-Any local operator)
78 TK
Validity: 7 days
To Buy dial *121*4026#

GP 160 Minutes (GP-Any local operator)
99 TK
Validity: 7 days
To Buy dial *121*4006#

GP 190 Minutes (GP-Any local operator)
117 TK
Validity: 10 days
To Buy dial *121*4007#

If you need a voice call offer within 100 taka, then this 160 minutes package will add value to your communication experience.

To get this package, you need to dial: *121*4006# with sufficient balance. Here you can enjoy 160 minutes voice call at 99 BDT with 7 days validity.

GP Talktime Minutes Offer

GP 200 Minutes Offer (GP-Any local operator)
117 TK
Validity: 10 days
To Buy dial *121*4007#

GP 310 Minutes (GP-Any local operator)
199 TK
Validity: 30 Days
To Buy dial *121*4018#

GP 350 Minutes (GP-Any local operator)
233 TK
Validity: 15 Days
To Buy dial *121*4008#

GP 480 Minutes
Validity: 30 Days
Recharge: 298 Tk
Or dial: *121*5074#

GP 500 Minutes
Validity: 30 Days
Recharge: 288 tk
Or dial: *121*5074#

Terms & Conditions:

  • The price is inclusive of SD, VAT and SC
  • Customers will get 10 seconds pulse
  • “Any local operator” denotes domestic network calls only (GP-other mobile operators, GP-PSTN & GP-IPTSP) excluding any short code calls
  • At the end of the validity period, if a customer has any remaining minutes, it will be forfeited. However, if a customer re-purchases within the validity period, the minutes will be added and the higher validity will be given
  • Users need to dial *121*1*2#to know the remaining minutes & SMS balance
  • This package can be used for any other operator
  • This offer will continue until further notice
  • This offer is not applicable for Skitto users

If you a GP user, then this post will greatly help you.

Final Words: Additionally, we covered up other posts about GP recharge offer and GP internet package. Have a look if you need those ones. Thank you so much for visiting us.

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