The 10 Best Affirmations Books to Read for 2022 – Reviews

Many people are not happy with their lives. They see things going wrong and they don’t know how to change those. They look for a solution in the form of affirmations but usually get frustrated because of all the contradictions. This article will give you an idea about the best affirmations books that can help you to improve your life.

When I wanted to transform myself for the betterment. I found affirmation can help me reprogram my mind into positive thoughts. I had lots of research on that and find some amazing insights for affirming myself such as reading books, practicing affirmation & meditation, quotes from the world’s greatest scholars and authors.

The books listed here are some of the best affirmations books available to read. The selections include all kinds of genres, from self-help to motivational.

The 10 Best Affirmations Books to Read (2022) – Reviews

Over the period, I found some best affirmations books that make me a better shape from the previous. Today I am breaking down the aspect of best-selling affirmations books & which books are really helpful for the people who read before. Here is the top 10 list of the positive and powerful affirmation book for you.

1. (Best for Positivity) A Year of Positive Thinking By Cyndie Spiegel

A Year of Positive Thinking By Cyndie Spiegel

This book is all about positive thinking for 365-day. The author Cyndie Spiegel, shares her inner wisdom, courage and building a positive mindset by changing thoughts.

The best part of this book is you can read one thought in a day throughout a year. It starts with January to December – with mention each day so that you can start reading from your day. In every section, she complied with positive vibes, daily inspirational wisdom and nicely written. If you want to write a journal on a daily basis, this book will help you a lot to think and write. The contents give you a guide on how to think in a positive way with affirmations based. By reading and following this book, you can create a positive environment in your daily life.

A quick snap of this book:

  • Effective exercises for 365 days.
  • Learn about positive thinking.
  • A guide for personal development.
  • Learn about how to transform your mindset
  • Helping you visualize and live your best life.

However, to transform your life into a positive and do effective exercise to reshape your inner thoughts – I recommend this book you can read a full year.

2. (Best for Self-love) A Year of Self-Care By Dr. Zoe Shaw

A Year of Self-Care By Dr. Zoe Shaw
A Year of Self-Care By Dr. Zoe Shaw

If you are looking for a book on self-care or self-love, then this book is the best for you. The author Dr. Zoe Shaw is a life coach & clinical psychologist for 17 years long. She includes her book with some amazing features and content. It was published on 2nd February 2021.

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We live in a distracted world. It is high time to embrace yourself and build strong mental well-being. This book will help you build a habit of self-care and loving yourself. A full year of guidance and excellent daily prompts with 366 insightful affirmations that transform your mental, physical and emotional into positivity. Basically, by reading this book you can learn how to care, love and accept yourself.

A quick Snap of this book:

  • Affirmations with powerful quotes.
  • Learn to live purposefully.
  • A guide of self-love & care.
  • A calendar of self-care (12 months prompts).
  • Exercise and practice loving yourself.

If you care about your special person, you can give this excellent book as a gift. He or she will be happy to read this book.

3. (Best for Success) Success Affirmations By Jack Canfield, Ram Ganglani, Kelly Johnson

Success Affirmations By Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield, the best-selling author of The Success Principles, who is published this book Success Affirmations together with Ganglani & Kelly Johnson on November 14, 2017. If you are looking forward to an affirmations book on success, this will be the best one.

The authors are written this book with a 52-week complete guideline for finding the purpose of your life. We suffer from various negative talks that make us pool down and emotional imbalance. Jack Canfield introduced this affirmation book on goals, purpose, fulfillment and success. Affirmations can help to connect your brain with what you wish for – a good life, a healthy and happy life, and a meaningful relationship you want to keep. Many psychologists referred this book to their clients to affirm and to create a better version of themselves.

A quick snap of this book:

  • Affirmations for a successful life.
  • Hack your mind towards goals & purposes.
  • Chase your dream – What you want!
  • Learn – how to increase positive energy.
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

This is a wonderful array of well-rounded affirmations books for you. I highly recommend this book to read and change your life purposefully.

4. (Best for Teens) Mindfulness for Teens By Jennie Marie Battistin

Mindfulness for Teens By Jennie

This book was written by Jennie Marie Battistin, who is the marriage family therapist and founder of Hope Therapy Center. And the book was published on September 24, 2019. 

Our generation is going to distract from themselves by technological advancement. They lead a life with less productivity, impatience and imbalance. Moreover, they have suffered from pressure, pain, stress, sadness, frustration, depressed. That’s why the author of this book comes with excellent guidance so that our teens can learn – how to control their feelings and emotions and learn – how to manage stress and pressure on study and work. For both boys and girls, teens have just read this book for being an emotional mastery.

It has main 3 parts (Mindful Mornings, Midday Mindfulness, Mindfulness at night) in the contents. This book has two things for its uniqueness – 

  1. Having exercise & guidance that how you can do your affirmations.
  2. Creating exceptional illustrations and images that you can understand easily.

Quick Snap of this book

  • Breathing techniques for relaxing.
  • Helpful for writing journal prompts.
  • A wide variety of mindfulness techniques.
  • Practicing & Exercising within 10 minutes per lesson.
  • Learn to boost your self-esteem and focus on study & work.

Parents can give as a gift to their daughter and son. I must say, they will be benefited from reading and practicing these mindfulness techniques.

5. (Best for Kids) I Can Do Hard Things: Mindful Affirmations for Kids By Gabi Garcia

I Can Do Hard Things

If you are concerned about your kid’s mental growth, then you have to give them outstanding books to read. The author Gabi Garcia has written an affirmations book for kids; nicely illustrated by Charity Russell. It was published by Skinned Knee Publishing on September 12, 2018.

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This book contents with encouragement and mindfulness affirmations that help to boost your child’s power within. By repeating those positive and powerful affirmations can become your children’s inner voice. The most interesting part is – its illustration; beautifully combined all illustrations with the context.

A quick snap of this book

  • Easy to read & remind.
  • Helpful for school-going kids.
  • Small & short affirmations.
  • Wonderful & mindful tool for children.
  • An attractive gift item for kids.

Parents, teachers, or anyone can buy this hardcover book for giving as a gift to their kids. I must ensure you – by receiving this book child can be happy to read.

6. (Best for Women) Shine On By Doreen Caven

 Shine On By Doreen Caven

This book was written by Doreen Caven, who was the founder of The Girls Like Me (TGLM) and shared her positive and powerful thoughts on her Instagram, mostly. It was published by Rockridge Press on June 16, 2020.

In recent years, this book is recommended for women; it has content about their challenges, barriers, and how to overcome those obstacles by affirmations. It has five chapters covered with mind, body, spirit, love, life, work and so on. You can learn how to navigate life in this destructive world as a woman. She shared some powerful quotes on that. And added some wonderful affirmations that will help to empower and build an extraordinary life.

A quick snap of this book

  • Uplifting body, mind & soul.
  • Learn about inspiring women.
  • Have empowering & powerful Quotes.
  • Have positive & thoughtful affirmations.
  • Wisdom of women with different backgrounds.

Women can read this book for a better life. It is the time for you – to learn, relate and practice daily affirmations in your life.

7. (Best for Morning) Morning Affirmations: 200 Phrases By Jennifer Williamson

Morning Affirmations: 200 Phrases By Jennifer Williamson

The purpose of morning affirmation is to start the day with positive and energetic vibes. If you build of affirmation habit on your morning routine; you can be benefited from that. You can help with the book, Morning Affirmations by Jennifer Williamson. It was published by Adams Media on December 25, 2018.

When you get up from the bed and take this book to read your daily morning affirmations – for creating a positive vibe & encouraging outlook throughout the day. It included 200 affirmation phrases with elaborated each statement that is the best fact of this book. By reading Jen’s book, you can learn and practice how to accept yourself, how to heal from the past & how to increase your confidence.

A quick snap of this book

  • 200 energizing affirmations.
  • Easy to read & remind.
  • Boost of enthusiasm and positivity.
  • Inspiring you to keep your positive outlook.

This colorful book gives you a refreshing mood while you reading. However, in the morning this book will give you a noble companion.

8. (Best for Healing & Happiness) Positive Affirmations: By Rachel Robins

Positive Affirmations: By Rachel Robins

If you are looking forward to a healing affirmation book then Rachel Robins’s book is the best option for you. This book was published on July 23, 2014.

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We are stuck in a lot of various pain & pressure that affect our physical and mental health. Every day we need to recover from our pain by doing some activities. Reading a book is one of the best activities to stay calm, positive and give you a new aspect of life. Similarly, positive affirmations can help you to replace your negative thoughts in your mind. The author Rachel Robins comes up with a great source of her book: Positive Affirmations that help you for attracting health, healing, & happiness into your life. She included her book with the purpose of life, how positive affirmations can change your life, affirmations guides like replacing negative thoughts, healing pain, controlling emotions and lots more.

A quick snap of this book

  • Simple techniques to use.
  • Empowering tips for growing yourself.
  • Various positive affirmation examples.
  • How to use affirmations productively.
  • Easy methods of replacing negative thinking.

However, this book will give you perfect guidance to perform daily affirmations in your life. You can read, follow and practice according to this book’s techniques.

9. (Best for All Affirmations) 10,000+ Positive Affirmations By R.M. Winters

0,000+ Positive Affirmations By R.M. Winters

If you are looking forward to grabbing a book that is included all over the affirmations list, then this book is the best for you. The author R.M. Winters has written this book and independently published it on October 13, 2020.

The author came up with this book as a great source of affirmations. This book is included 10,000+ affirmations and covered topics with success, wealth, money, love, relationship, confidence, self-esteem, overcoming Anxiety & depression, health, energy, sleep, fitness, weight loss, healing, positive thinking, abundance, happiness, spirituality, taking action, motivation and lots of quotes.

A quick snap of this book

  • Easy to read and remind.
  • All categories are well-organized.
  • Positive and powerful affirmations.
  • 22 chapters; each chapter contains over 500 affirmations.
  • An enormous collection of 10,000+ affirmations.

You can read and give it to your special person as a gift for being a positive mental attitude by affirming themselves.

10. (Best for Daily) Daily Affirmations for Success and Happiness By Creed McGregor

Are you broke? failed lot of actions? Fueled by negative thoughts? Then this “Daily Affirmations for Success and Happiness” book can be your best choice to read. This book was written by the self-publishing author Creed McGregor and published on February 11, 2016.

Do you believe that by changing your thought process, you can change your life? If so. Then you need to change your thing pattern in the first place, then you need to replace new positive and powerful thoughts into the brain. It will give a new perspective on your life. You feel connected to your thinking and acting. This book will give you insightful instructions to do those things.

You’ll learn from this book

  • How to reprogram your mind.
  • How to replace negative thoughts.
  • How to achieve success and happiness.
  • How to become the best version of yourself.
  • How to stop struggling and start living a successful life.

Your life, your responsibility to be living a happy and healthy life. So you need to care for yourself. You can study this book for your betterment of the future.

Your Turn!

People are attracted to affirmations because they believe that they can manifest their desires through the power of positive thinking. The reality is, however, that affirmations are only one of the ways in which we have been taught to tap into our intuition and use our creativity. Affirmations work best when they are based on a solid understanding of how we interact with the world around us.

There are lots of affirmations books out there. However, not all of them are suitable for you. This article highlights some of the best affirmations books to read for various purposes and in different situations.

If you want to live a happy and healthy life with fulfillment, then those books can help you a lot. I hope you read this post. Now it’s time for you to start a book that is your best choice. Hopefully, you will enjoy practicing from the book’s guide. And make your life purposeful.

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