Airtel BD New Sim Offer – 1GB @ 9 Tk – Updated

Airtel BD New Sim Offer

We have gotten several inboxes from our respectable visitors at the NetOfferBD official Facebook page. They wanted to know about Airtel BD New Sim Offer.

For that reason, today we are going into the deep new connection of Airtel. Though it has a special internet package at a cheap rate the network is so poor in the long run. If you live in the Airtel BD network coverage area then it will be fine of browsing the internet.

Airtel BD Prepaid New Sim Offer

Airtel New connection price is at 100 tk. Firstly subscribers will get preloaded amount 5tk, 50 MB internet for 10 days and 1.2 paisa/sec any local operators.

New connection price: 100 tk
Pre-loaded amount: 5 tk (90 days)
50 MB data volume for 10 days
1.2 paisa/sec (anynet)

Airtel Recharge 9 TK get 1 GB Internet – 7 Days

Get Airtel 1 GB internet at only 9 Tk for the next 10 recharge! The subscriber gets 1 time this offer every 1 month. This offer validity is 7 days. You need to recharge exactly 9 tk to get this offer.

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Recharge: 9 tk
Data Volume: 1 GB (1st 10 Months)
Validity: 7 Days

Airtel Recharge 31 tk get 2 GB Internet – 15 Days

This recharge offer only gets new users. Here you can enjoy 1 GB regular internet for 7 days and also 1 GB 4G internet, in total you can get 2GB data for 15 days. Just you need to recharge exactly 31 tk on your new connection. And yes! you can enjoy this 31 tk recharge offer at unlimited times within 1st 3 months.

Recharge: 31 tk
Data Volume: 1 GB (7 Days) + 1 GB 4G (15 Days)
Balance Check: *8444*88# or *3#

Airtel Recharge 61 tk – Airtel BD Special Offer

If you recharge 61 tk within the first 30 days of activation, then you will get 2 GB internet valid for 10 days, add 42 tk on your main account balance, enjoy 0.9 paisa/sec (any net, anytime).

Recharge: 61 tk
Main Account Balance: 42 tk
Data Volume: 2 GB (10 Days)
Special Call Rate: 0.9 paisa/sec (any local operator)

Terms & Conditions:

  • VAT, SD and SC applicable
  • Both Offers are available for Acquisition and New Prepaid Sim Offer.
  • Customers may enjoy bonus within 24 hours of activation
    The 30 days cycle of 1GB/9Tk, 1GB/31Tk and special call rate will start once the 61Tk is activated
  • If the rates are not mentioned then the regular prepaid charge will be applicable (SMS: 0.39 Tk; international SMS: 2.5 Tk)
  • To enjoy first 4G bonus customers need to have a 4G enabled handset, USIM, and coverage of the 4G network
  • Before 4G activation, the validity of the 4G bonus will remain N/A. Once the 4G is activated the user may enjoy the validity of 15/30 days
  • The authority has all the right to change the rates anytime.
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Final Words: Here is the Airtel BD new SIM offer. If you want to buy this offer you need to know about this offer and decide what you want exactly. We recommend you this offer will be great for you. We are covered other local operator’s new SIM offer. You may check these.

If you have any questions about this offer, comment below in the comment section. Thank you so much for visiting our site.

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