Airtel Stay Home Pack: Hello people, how are you? I hope so you are well in this pandemic situation. I think you have maintained your body and mind already. Regarding this pandemic (COVID-19), you are safe in-home and protect yourself and your family from this Corona Virus.

For the reason of staying home, you need to use the internet during the quarantine period. And you are looking for a large internet volume on your Airtel SIM connection. Yes! Airtel brought the Stay Home packages with different customer’s demands. So let’s see the package.

Airtel Stay Home Pack – 6GB, 10GB & 20GB Data Volume

Here you already knew about the data volume. However, you can choose your desire one among the four different packs.

Pack PriceData VolumeValidityActivation
BDT 4296 GB30 DaysRecharge 429 Tk,
Dial: *123*429#
BDT 59810 GB45 DaysRecharge 598 Tk,
Dial: *123*598#
BDT 64810 GB + 600 Minutes45 DaysRecharge 648 Tk,
Dial: *123*648#
BDT 94820 GB + 800 Minutes60 DaysRecharge 948 Tk,
Dial: *123*948#

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Among the four packages – you have to select one and active with the sufficient amount of your main account. Here you see the above table – 6 GB data volume package you can get at BDT 429 for the next 30 days. The second pack, 10 GB internet volume at BDT 598 for the next 45 days.

If you want to use the 3rd pack, then you can enjoy 10 GB data volume with 600 Minutes Talktime at BDT 648. Similarly, the fourth and last one is 20 GB data volume with 800 minutes Talktime with the 60 days validity at BDT 948.

All packages – you can avail of just dialing the activation code or recharge on your Airtel connection with the exact amount. Right now, you may read the terms and conditions of this package.

Terms & Conditions:

  • All VAT, TAX, SD are included within the price.
  • Internet pack can be purchased through Recharge & USSD dialing (mentioned the subscriber type).
  • Data volume can be used in 2G/3G/4G network.
  • If you want to check the internet balance, just dial: *3#
  • Min check : *778*0#
  • Min Pulse: 10 Sec
  • USSD internet Packs (not combos) can be purchased with auto-recurring.

Final Words: Basically I wrote details about this Stay Home package. Right now, you can decide your pack – which one will be enjoyed. But my personal opinion, if you are a moderate internet user, then go for the 3rd package with 10 GB data volume with 600 minutes voice Talktime at BDT 648.

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