101+ Affirmations for Weight Loss (Reducing Your Extra Weight)

Are you struggling with your body fat? Or gain extra weight? In this blog post, you can find some weight loss affirmations that make you build a strong mindset to lose your current weight. Read thoroughly.

Dieting and exercising are the best ways to be fit and healthy. Many of us worry about gaining weight and thinking to reduce our extra body weight. Maybe you are at the stage of wanting to reduce your current weight, right? Or maybe you are trying and thinking to stick to your diet plan. But one thing must be remembered, while you diet and exercise to burn your extra belly fat – the first thing should be considered your strong mindset.

Why mindset is so important to lose weight? Because in this process, you may lose your intention and consistency. As a result, after a few days, you may gain weight again. That is the most frustrating situation. So before doing all things to lessen your body weight – build a strong mindset for losing your extra body weight. Changing your thoughts can be helpful for your process of losing weight at some point. But another thing I want to remind you, only thinking is not enough to do, you need to take action regarding your thoughts.

The author Toni Sorenson said, “Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumbbell; it starts in your head with a decision.” We need a clear and have a purpose to reduce our weight. When you have a purpose and make a clear plan to do, you can stick with your plan. That’s why affirmations can be the best way to build your mindset about losing weight and living a balanced-life long.

Powerful Affirmations for Weight Loss

For your well-being, you need to create a sense of weight loss with positive and powerful vibes. The listed below affirmations can help you to build a strong mindset.

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I see a new, healthier me in the mirror.

I believe in my ability to truly love myself.

Every day I move closer to my ideal weight.

Age has nothing to do with it. I can release this weight.

I don’t aim for perfection. I accept mistakes and learn from them.

Unhealthy foods don’t appeal to me. My body craves healthy, whole, real food!

I love being physically fit and I lose enough weight so that I am at my ideal weight.

I let go of unhelpful patterns of behavior around food.

I exercise to enjoy a strong, toned body. I love the feeling exercise gives me.

I’ve conquered my impulsive nature, and choose food with intention and integrity.

Morning Affirmations for Weight Loss

Every morning when you do morning affirmations, by that time you can affirm yourself about your losing weight and belly fat.

I am happy.

I am healthy.

I believe in myself.

I am ready to lose weight.

I’m beginning to easily lose weight.

I love my body every day in every way.

My body is getting healthier and healthier.

I am becoming a healthier person.

My relationship with my body is improving.

My relationship with food is getting better and better.

Daily Affirmations for Weight Loss

Maybe you have a diet plan, but you also need to have daily affirmations about losing weight. These can remind you of unnecessary eating habits.

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I respect my body.

I am slimming down.

I’m feeling better.

I am thinner and thinner each moment.

I have the power to change my life.

I take the time to appreciate my body every day.

I take the time to appreciate the food on my plate.

I either Lee and effortlessly lose weight.

Any extra weight naturally falls off my body.

I am at a healthy weight for my body.

I AM Affirmations to Lose Weight

When you do weight loss affirmations – affirmations those are starting with “I AM”. Because that “I AM” statement has the power that can help you to feel and connect with that thoughts.

I am full of energy.

I am fit and fabulous.

I am stronger than any excuse.

I am motivated to exercise.

I am motivated to lose weight.

I am motivated to eat healthily.

I am blessed with a great body.

I am becoming stronger and healthier.

I am creating a body that I like and enjoy.

I am ready to be healthy and attractive.

I am self-reliant and persistent in whatever I do.

I am open to positive changes in all areas of my life

Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

A positive mental attitude is important for losing weight. You can build by doing affirmations with positive words. Have a look at the below list.

I love to eat healthily.

I love eating healthy foods.

I am in control of my life.

It’s so easy to lose weight.

Losing weight comes naturally to me.

My body now craves healthy Whole Foods.

My body craves healthy foods.

I will achieve my goals and nothing will hold me back.

My body becomes more attractive each day.

I am in control of what I eat and drink.

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Spiritual Affirmations for Weight Loss

I eat mindfully.

I am grateful to my body.

I take good care of my body.

I feel good about myself.

I accept myself for who I am.

I nourish my body with health.

I am becoming a better version of myself.

I eat the right food for my body.

Each cell in my body vibrates in good health.

My metabolism rate is at its best level.

Subliminal Affirmations for Weight Loss

I eat when I’m truly hungry.

I am feeling good in my body.

I am living a healthy lifestyle.

I am loving my body more and more.

I’m feeling more confident in my body.

I drink lots of water throughout the day.

My body is healthy my body is fit I love.

I am feeling great I move my body every day.

My body is a temple and I treat it with respect.

I am dedicated to following my weight loss plan.

I know that when I take care of my body that my body will take care of me.

Weight Loss Affirmations While Exercising

Before exercising, you can do affirmations within 3 minutes. It creates a positive mental state of being healthy. These are listed below.

I have the perfect body shape.

I deserve to be in perfect shape.

Exercising makes me feel good.

I deserve and accept perfect health.

I have clarity about my fitness goals.

I am motivated to work out every day.

I am enjoying exercising more and more.

My body exercise is becoming a daily habit for me.

Every day in every way I am getting slimmer and fitter.

My body has an ideal weight my body has an ideal weight.

Manifestation Affirmations for Weight Loss

My body takes care of me.

I look and feel great.

I accept myself the way I am.

I choose to be slim and healthy.

I make healthy choices for my body.

Now I stop eating when I feel full.

I am appreciating my body more and more.

I am now the perfect weight in a perfect size.

I let go of any negative feelings I hold towards food.

I allow myself to indulge from time to time without judgment.

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