100+ Affirmations for Kids – (Positive & Powerful Words)

It’s so obvious to be concerned about your kids. As a parent, it’s important to take care of your child’s mental health. You want to give them a better place and create a legacy that you leave, right? Today’s world is becoming so stressful. When you think about your child and kids, you may anxious as a responsible parent.

Your kids have lots of pressure – like study pressure, exam preparation & social anxiety. If they bear a long period in their childhood, it becomes bigger mental issues when they adult. Positive and powerful affirmations and visualizations can be a great tool for your kids. How? These statements remain them to stay positive in every aspect of their life.

The Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde said, “The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” Your kids your responsibility to make them happy. That happiness comes from your care, love and compassion. Give them your proper time so that they won’t feel lonely or anything negative about your parental responsibilities.

How do You Use Affirmations for Kids?

Kids are so attention seekers. If you don’t give enough attention to them, they may feel bad and that feelings lead them deep into depression. You need to love, take care and be with them.

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Using daily affirmations can be a great tool for positively developing your child’s mental health. You can learn them – how to practice loud out with positive and powerful words that make strong statements for them. I suggest a video you can watch.

Here are some tips you can follow to use and practice during the affirmations.

  1. Knowing them properly: You need to know your kid’s mental condition by talking to them. How about their views on themselves? Which things do they like most? Or which things don’t like at all.
  2. Learning them affirmations: Maybe you recite some rhyme and short poem for your kids. Or maybe your read some fairytale during bedtime. Similarly, you can learn them some positive and powerful affirmations that can make them stronger.
  3. Practicing daily: When you decided to practice them, you need to explain in detail about affirmations. All statements should be easy, simple and understandable for your kids. And learn them as if they can do it themselves without any help further.

You can use some images and pictures while you affirm them. Because a picture has a powerful message which kids can get easily. For doing this – you can help with some affirmation books like “I Am, I Can: 365 affirmations for kids by Wynne Kinder”

Best Affirmations for Kids

Best Affirmations for Kids

I am sharing some simple, sweet and easy affirmations so that you can learn your kids these affirmations. You can also make yourself by demonstrating these statements.

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1# I am important.

2# I am intelligent.

3# I love who I am.

4# I focus on my own goal.

5# I am happy with myself.

6# I am filled with love.

7# I know that I am special.

8# I don’t compete with anyone.

9# I forgive myself and others.

10# I am forever grateful.

11# I make each day better than yesterday.

12# I do what makes me comfortable.

List of Positive Affirmations for Kids

List of Positive Affirmations for Kids

13# Life is fun.

14# I know my talents.

15# I do my best in school.

16# I am a brillient student.

17# I excel in my academics.

18# I am creative.

19# I am the champion.

20# I love learning new things.

21# I believe in my dreams.

22# I’ve always made good.

23# I stretch my limits so I’ll grow.

24# I have respect for the people around me.

I AM Affirmations for Kids

I AM Affirmations for Kids

25# I am safe.

26# I am kind.

27# I am helpful.

28# I am protected.

29# I am acting responsibly.

30# I am a winner.

31# I am loving.

32# I am confident.

33# I am thankful for the life I live.

34# I am thankful for what I can give.

35# I am worthy of your love.

36# I am worthy of your respect.

37# I am worthy of your patience.

38# I am worthy of your time.

39# I am improving every single day.

Daily Affirmations for Kids

Daily Affirmations for Kids

40# All is well.

41# I feel joyful.

42# I feel loved.

43# I form a good friendship.

44# I meet nice people.

45# I love my family.

46# My family loves me.

47# I am proud to be different.

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48# I cultivate good hobbies.

49# I have lots of brilliant ideas.

50# I have a great personality.

Morning Affirmations for Kids

Morning Affirmations for Kids

51# I am healthy.

52# I am at peace.

53# I love myself.

54# I eat healthy foods.

55# I am full of energy.

56# I formed good habits.

57# I imagine beautiful things.

58# I am inspired by the right people.

59# I make the right decisions.

60# I work when it’s time to work.

61# I play when it’s time to play.

62# I am becoming the best version myself.

Self-affirmations for Child

Self-affirmations for Child

63# I am unique.

64# I am a winner.

65# I am helpful.

66# I am truthful.

67# I am respectful.

68# I am a hard worker.

69# I am a problem solver.

70# I can change the world.

71# I welcome change.

72# I welcome challenges.

73# Challenges help me grow.

74# I’ll be okay no matter what.

Confidence Boosting Affirmations for Kids

Confidence Boosting Affirmations for Kids

75# I am confident.

76# I am exceptional.

77# I finish what I start.

78# I will never give up.

79# I have lots of energy.

80# I have faith in my abilities.

81# I am filled with excellence.

82# I was born to stand out.

83# I don’t try to hide.

84# I fell my brilliance deep inside.

85# I make use of my talents in the right way.

88# I am building my future in the right way.

Words and Phrases of Affirmation for Child

Words and Phrases of Affirmation for Child

89# I have integrity.

90# I am well protected.

91# I have a purpose.

92# I am a good person.

93# My life has meaning.

94# I am here for a reason.

95# Nothing is impossible.

96# I can learn anything.

97# It’s okay if someone doesn’t like me.

98# Being different is okay.

99# My difference makes me powerful.

100# I keep trying until I win.

I think, these all affirmations can help you to discover and find some best of them. And you can do affirmations daily for your kids and children. Best of luck!

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