75+ Affirmations for Hope & Optimism – Make Yourself Hopeful Person

Are you feeling hopeless? Or feeling a sense of loss and fear? In this article, you will know the “Hope Theory” and also find some positive and powerful affirmations for the hope that can make you hopeful for your future self.

We, humans, keep remains of hope. Our belief system is built with hope, ambition and desire. Living our life toward hope in the future. This feeling of hope is to make ourselves more patient. Sometimes it breaks down for unwanted situations. And it happens now and then in our life. But we stay and wait hoping for the best.

How Often Do You Feel Hopeless?

It could be you didn’t achieve any particular goal, or it could be a feeling of loss. Whatever it is. But you might go through this hopeless situation many times. Today’s world is becoming so frustrating for humans economically, mentally, physically and unseen diseases like COVID-19. However, we need to keep patient to move forward in life. So hope is the emotion that is in our hands to permit the positive thinking pathway.

You may hear the term “High Hope vs Low Hope”, right? The main difference is – people who have high hopes, take any odd situation like a lesson. On the other hand, people who have low hope, take an obstacle. Low hope is a feeling of loss, fear and giving up. Rather, high hope creates a sense of mental strength. That’s why, if you want to uplift yourself, you need a high hope mentality. And it only happens to think positive thoughts, statements and affirmations.

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What is Snyder’s Hope Theory?

An American psychologist, Charles R. Snyder quoted in his book ‘The Psychology of Hope‘, “By thinking of some recent event in your life where you succeeded in the pursuit of a goal, your state of hope should increase.” He also gave in his ‘Hope Theory’, hope consists of two essential cognitive elements and affective elements.

According to him, if anyone wants the strength of hope, then these three processes can be related.

Goals Thinking:  The clear conceptualization of valuable goals.

Pathways thinking: The ability to generate various pathways from the present to the desired future.

Agency thinking: The level of intention, confidence and ability to follow those various pathways towards the desired future.

However, seemingly it’s hard to stay positive in some ways. But it’s possible when you believe in yourself. If you have faced anything regarding your hope and you have broken down feelings. I suggest you do some research on HOPE & how to be an optimistic person. You will get your answer on it.

I also suggest you read the best books for affirmations, read blogs about hope and watch more videos related to hope and staying in positive mental states. Now I share with you some best and mindfulness affirmations about hope. So that, you can affirm yourself and get more hope and desire toward the future. Read all these positive and powerful affirmations for hope. And affirm yourself daily.

Best Positive Hope Affirmations

If you want to affirm yourself in the morning time, then these are the best morning affirmations for starting your day.

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1. I am an explorer.

2. trust the journey ahead of me.

3. I can achieve anything I desire.

4. My choices expand with self-belief.

5. Belief builds in me so life offers more to me.

6. I trust, hope and love that I can get what I desire.

7. I am excited about what I can both give and receive.

8. Life expands as my courage grows consciously.

9. I am visionary in what I can conceive and believe.

10. I carry beliefs that also carry me forward into the future.

Powerful Affirmations for Hope

11. I have validity.

12. I am good enough to grow.

13. I am growing every day.

14. I can achieve greater things.

15. I believe there is hope.

16. I am willing to work on myself.

17. I am worthy of being cared for.

18. I trust the universe will provide for me.

19. I have loved in my life. I am making progress.

20. I feel better by taking positive steps and my life is improving.

Short Affirmations About Hope & Desire

Short Affirmations About Hope & Desire
Short Affirmations About Hope & Desire

21. I can do great.

22. I will do great.

23. My life is improving.

24. I can move ahead.

25. I can have a better future.

26. I trust that I am worthy.

27. I trust my decisions.

28. I am worthy of greatness.

29. I deserve better for myself.

30. I will not stop willing.

31. I will get better at what I desire.

32. I allow myself to move forward.

Affirmations of Believing Yourself

Affirmations of Believing Yourself
Affirmations of Believing Yourself

33. I am abundant in energy.

34. I am rich in inner strength.

35. I have a wealth of knowledge.

36. I am fortified by self-belief.

37. I can conceive in my mind.

38. I can achieve in my life.

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39. My faith runs deep within me.

40. Optimism is my endless source of energy.

41. My inner world is rich and overflowing.

42. I feel inside of me reflected back to me.

Affirmations for Not Giving Up

Affirmations for Not Giving Up
Affirmations for Not Giving Up

43. I am hopeful and grateful.

44. I believe in a better me.

45. I never quit my dream.

46. I will not stop working on myself.

47. I never give up on any obstacle.

48. I can forgive those that hurt me.

49. I can change how I respond to life.

50. I can trust a power greater than myself.

51. I can take the next positive step.

52. My goals are great. I will reach my goals.

53. I believe in myself. I want to grow and I know I can.

54. I have hope that in the future my life is getting better every day.

55. I believe there is hope I trust the universe will provide for me.

Affirmations for Hopelessness

Affirmations for Hopelessness
Affirmations for Hopelessness

56. I release any fears.

57. I call back all confidence.

58. I release any doubts and myself.

59. I am unafraid to push boundaries.

60. The future has unlimited opportunities.

61. I am a unique being with a purpose with meaning and hope.

62. I reach out to the universe for divine energy to fill my body.

63. I also know that if I need support I can reach out.

64. My body is a force filled with strength and hope for the future.

65. I am prepared to handle whatever obstacles might be in my way.

Positive Affirmations on Peace and Hope

Positive Affirmations on Peace and Hope
Positive Affirmations on Peace and Hope

66. I love peace and happiness.

67. My mind contains a wealth of resources.

68. Hope takes me further than I can see.

69. Life brings me a wealth of opportunities.

70. I trust in myself and in my abilities.

71. I believe I know the best is coming to me.

72. The power of positive belief builds in me.

73. In every challenge, there is always an opportunity.

74. Faith allows me to move forward the best is ahead of me.

75. I am creating hope that lasts longer than any challenge I face.

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