101+ Affirmations for Confidence (Positive & Powerful Thoughts)

Are you here for getting back your self-confidence? Or want to know; how to do affirmations for self-confidence? If so, then this article helps you a lot. Read this post thoroughly.

Confidence comes from your own action. Sometimes we are stuck in any situation that time we can’t focus on ourselves. We only magnify our problems so that we went deep down and waste our precious time doing nothing. By that time, we need some positive and powerful thoughts which can clear our minds to do work. And the affirmations cultivate those thoughts and feelings that lead to our success at work.

The American business author and the international best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki quoted, “Confidence comes from discipline and training.” Actually, you can build your confidence by practicing and training yourself. You can read the world’s best self-help books, read best affirmation books, watch ted talks videos, listening podcasts and do affirmations for enhancing your self-confidence & self-worth.

When I was feeling down and hesitant at any situation – I knew how it was hurt me. I couldn’t focus on my work, life and goals. My confidence went beneath the surface level. That was the situation I passed my life.

By that time, I read lots of books, listened to podcast episodes, read blogs and articles. Also, I did my morning affirmations for coming back to my confidence. And those affirmations help me a lot to get back my life full of energy.

Do Affirmations Increase Confidence?

Yes, Affirmations can help for increasing your confidence. If you believe that it works for you. But if you don’t believe it, then it won’t work for you. By doing daily affirmation practice your confidence level will be increased (Study).

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People who are in trouble, sad, frustrated and depression – they have faced lots of issues that break their confidence at some point. They retracted from every engagement of their life. Their social life became worth and didn’t focus on any work.

Daily affirming can reduce all negative emotions created within you. But you should do that for at least three weeks for boosting your confidence. But remember one thing, your statements must be positive and powerful that relate to your confidence back.

How to Write Confidence Affirmations

You can write your own statements for affirming yourself. Before writing affirmations, you need three things to consider most. When I wrote my own, I followed those things actually.

  1. Write it simple: Where you at right now? What was the biggest fear at this moment? You know better yourself. Try to think from all perspectives and write those statements simply so that you can get to heart easily.
  2. Use positive & powerful words: While you writing your statements, use some positive and powerful words so that can be helpful for uplifting and boosting your confidence. Also, you can write some statements that start with “I AM”. This is the best for starting your affirmations.
  3. Use present tense: Mostly I want to suggest you, using the present tense while you writing your positive thoughts. Because, when you reciting those statements, you can feel the present moment. And it helps for getting back your self-confidence.

After finishing your writing affirmations, now it’s time to do practice regularly. Recite your affirmation for boosting your self-confidence.

Affirmations for Boosting Self-Confidence

Affirmations for Boosting Self-Confidence

Here I made some best positive and super powerful affirmations for boosting your self-confidence. You can read throughout this article. I hope you will get some insights to know how to get back your guts.

1. Confidence is my second nature.

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2. I am energetic and enthusiastic.

3. People love the confidence I contain.

4. I am flexible I adapt to change quickly.

5. I am purely confident in all situations.

6. I always exude the vibration of confidence.

7. I believe things will always work out for me.

8. It is extremely easy for me to make friends.

9. I attract positive and kind people into my life.

10. I attract unlimited opportunities because of my confidence.

11. I can hold a wonderful conversation with any nationality in any culture.

“I AM” Affirmations for Confidence

12. I am outgoing.

13. I am prepared for life.

14. I am naturally strong.

15. I am in control of my life.

16. I am now bold and brave.

17. I am fearless today and always.

18. I am confident and determined.

19. I am easy going relaxed and social.

20. I am positive friendly and confident.

21. I am liberated from all fears of failure.

Morning Affirmations for Confidence

Morning Affirmations for Confidence

22. I’m grateful to be alive.

23. I am loved and worthy.

24. I feel healthy and strong today.

25. I am, and always will be, enough.

26. I have all I need to make today a great day.

27. I give myself permission to do what is right for me.

28. There is so much joy in this world waiting for me today.

29. I am able to make smart decisions for myself today.

30. I am courageous. I am willing to act and face my fears.

31. Every day I am becoming a better version of myself.

Daily Affirmations for Confidence

32. I am confident.

33. I take action today.

34. I have overcome shyness.

35. I face my life head-on today.

36. I have full trust in myself.

37. I AM 100% confident in myself.

38. My confidence is increasing.

39. I face anything that confronts me.

40. I easily overcome any failures.

41. I stay persistent and push through setbacks.

Positive Affirmations for Confidence

Positive Affirmations for Confidence

42. I believe and love myself.

43. I can stand up to anything.

44. I meet new people with ease.

45. I speak out with confidence.

46. My personality always shines forth.

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47. Confidence comes naturally to me.

48. I always succeed in spite of setbacks.

49. I have all the willpower I ever have.

50. I easily tap into my own inner strength.

51. I go with the flow of life and succeed.

Powerful Affirmations for Confidence

52. I am courageous.

53. I am intrepid.

54. I am audacious.

55. I believe in myself.

56. I am positive and optimistic.

57. I confidently meet any situation.

58. I am extremely funny and charismatic.

59. I am confident that I can achieve anything.

60. I can easily overcome any of life’s hurdles.

61. Being motivated and positive is normal for me.

Best Affirmations for Confidence at Work

62. I love to work.

63. I enjoy my work.

64. I am an awesome communicator.

65. I am brilliant wise and able.

66. I am a great conversationalist.

67. My workplace is my favorite place.

68. I am magnificent brilliant and wise.

69. Everything I touch turns to gold

70. my confidence commands respect and attention.

71. I believe in my skills and abilities.

72. I have unlimited power at my disposal.

73. I enjoy being confident and outgoing when I see something.

Affirmations for Confidence and Self-love

Affirmations for Confidence and Self-love

74. I love myself.

75. I am magnificent.

76. I am creative.

77. I love my body.

78. I make myself proud. 

79. I am worthy of love.

80. I love the human that I am.

81. People love me.

82. I respect myself.

83. I trust in my ability to survive.

Self-Confidence on Success in Life

84. I always succeed.

85. I am a high achiever.

86. I achieve massive success.

87. I always find a way to succeed.

88. Success is my only state of mind.

89. I am naturally a successful person.

90. Completely successful is normal for me.

91. Others see me as a confident and successful person.

92. My confidence is a magnet that always attracts success.

93. I believe in myself I boldly go after what I want in life.

Self-Confidence & Self-esteem Affirmations

94. I have the power to change my world.

95. Every step I take is with pure confidence.

96. Others feed off of my confidence.

97. I am completely confident in all my undertakings.

98. Others feed off of my confidence.

99. I have much to celebrate about myself and my life.

100. My self-esteem is growing day by day.

101. I am growing and learning each and every day.

102. I treat myself with love and kindness.

103. I believe that the universe is on my side.

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